January 29th(Mon), 2018 from 7pm

in Shibuya, Tokyo

at Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre

Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre


Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre

B2F, 26-1, Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8507 Japan

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Kyogen: Boh Shibari

Noh: Hagoromo

Photo Session

  • Original Noh photobook to take home.
  • NOH-Tab guide, as well as concierge service, is available in Japanese, English, French and Chinese.


Nohgaku guide on your tablet


Special Japanese beverages

Nohgaku goods exclusively sold for the night


smart casual

Please refrain from wearing T shirts and/or beach sandals at the event.
Guests may not be admitted to the event if the outfits seem too casual for the occasion.


SS16,000 JPY
S13,000 JPY
A10,000 JPY
B7,000 JPY
Box seats with
Japanese Kaiseki dinner
60,000 JPY

* Kaiseki dinner will be served from 4pm.
* Enquiries about the dinner plan, please email flower@nohgaku-experience.com in advance.


Same-day Tickets

Same-day tickets may be purchased at the theatre from 6:00 p.m.
(Cash purchases only, please)

We anticipate that there will be sufficient seating available to
accommodate same-day ticket purchases.

Inquiries may be directed to

The word “flower” refers to various virtues such as beauty, aesthetics and allure in Nohgaku world.
The reference is derived from the landmark treatise “Fushi Kaden” written by Zeami,
the son of Kan’ami together with whom he established Noh.

Japan is a country full of “flowers”; beautiful architectures, landscapes, history and culture...
So many that you may never have enough time to see all.
But if we were to pick “a flower”, it is Nohgaku.

It blossoms, and stays with you long after the experience.